Restaurant Management

Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS

  • Single window operations
  • User locking for Bill Discount, Cancel item, Bill modification, Complimentary item, Credit Settlement
  • Keeping old records of cancelation & modification of KOT’s & Bill
  • NC(No Charge) KOT functionality for owner’s friends/ management Billing with reasons
  • Multiple payment preferences - cash, card, paytm etc.
  • Order customization Like "less spicy", "no onion" and "make it 1x2"
  • Single order can be distributed to multiple kitchen and bar
  • Generate end of day cash report highlighting the pay types
  • Menu category, menu wise Sales Report
  • Outlet summary report
  • Additional features for parcels/ home delivery
  • Table Transfer, KOT Transfer
  • Credit settlement functionality
  • Save Guest information
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  • Add extra specific charges, discount, tax etc. To the Bill.
  • Place order using dish name, code, alias
  • Outlet(Section) wise menu rate, taxes, additional specific charges
  • Separate billing process Parcel
  • Running KOT functionality
  • Captain wise sales & incentive Reports
  • Reduce leakages
  • Classify items according to menu group, menu category and subcategory

Kitchen Display System

  • Single order can be distributed to Starters, Main Course, Running, Parcel
  • FIFO Order System is used for display KOTs
  • Touch screen display
  • Provide timer for Presentation name goes here Each KOT
  • Paging Functionality is used for Pending Orders. (At a glance 20 KOTs are Display on Screen)
Kitchen display system
Xpress KOT

Xpress KOT

  • Wireless Order Taking : Captain can take orders and send them directly to the kitchen without moving away from the guest
  • Repeat Order : This feature helps the Captain to repeat the previously ordered items and allows the Captain to modify the quantity of the food. Thus it saves time & increase table turnover.
  • Captain can send special notes or instructions to the kitchen while placing their order. For example, if a guest wants his curry less spicy, he or she can instruct the chef about the same.
  • Provision to take feedback from Guests for the service offered by your Captain. This helps you to know your Guests better while enabling you to serve them efficiently next time they visit your restaurant.
  • Captain can Transfer Table / KOT from Application
  • View Bill Amount from Application
  • Captain could show actual photos of dishes to Guest

Xpress Order (QR Code Based Ordering Apps)

  • Guest can start Ordering by thheir own by Using Our QR Code Sacnning based Apps by Scanning QR Code Posted on Dine IN Tables in Restaurant
  • Menu Creation with Groups & Category. (E.g. Group Indian, Chinese. Category-Starters, Soups etc.)
  • Contact Less Payment Settlemt Facilities by Payment Gateway Or UPI
  • Conatc less Ordering causing Social Distancing in Dine IN Area and there is No use of Captain for Order taking
  • Promote Offers & Event via Notifications.
Xpress order (Food delivery system)

Material Management System

  • Set alerts for under stock/ overstock items for proper management of stock. Single window operations
  • Use Multiple Units for Single Item. E.g. Fish- KG/ No’s
  • Controlled Production Cost
  • Real-time inventory and ingredient tracking (Automatic/Manual stock check)
  • Goods transfers between different stores( indent - issue)
  • Update stock rates according to last purchased/average
  • System Give Alert if Item Purchase Rate Change
  • Manufacturing and tracking intermediate items. e.g. Gravy
  • Wastage Management
  • Maintain Stocks of Housekeeping Materials

Recipe Management

For calculation of exact Food Cost and Wastage Management. We will enter recipe of each dish including gravy quantity using Recipe Management. We calculate Sale v/s Purchase Cost
Recipe management

Xpress Owner

  • Real time transaction statistics with graphical view in mobile app
  • App is specially designed for owner / management to control and reduce leakages and do business analysis
Xpress Owner